Retake Mass Effect 3


Retake Mass Effect 3

Retake Mass Effect 3

Since the release of the first Mass Effect game in 2005, the series has found a large number of fans from all over the world.

All three games have been appreciated for their storyline, characters, romances, voice acting, choices, tolerance of diversity, and the depth of the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the ending of the third and final installment has frustrated many players to the point of ruining the entire experience of more than six years for them.

While the game itself is arguably a masterpiece in its own right, the absence of variation in the ending, as well as a general lack of closure and perceived plot holes all combine to leave the player with a feeling of deception.

The Retake Mass Effect 3 Movement

The Retake Mass Effect 3 Movement appeals to Bioware and its publisher Electronic Arts to change those endings - through a patch, downloadable content or a complete add-on. We ask them to show the same care and dedication towards their product that had been evident in the past six years and has won them not just customers, but fans.

Our demands are not unreasonable, but practical. If the endings stay as they are, many players will see no reason to further spend money on either this franchise or possible others created by the same companies that let them down this time.

Take Earth Back - Retake Mass Effect 3

To show support for the cause and as a clear sign to Bioware and Electronic Arts, we ask you to donate the money you would have spent on the franchise - for either merchandise, comics, novels or future games and downloadable content (DLC) - to The Nature Conservancy. Even if it is only one Dollar, your voice will be heard.

Take Earth Back - Retake Mass Effect 3.

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