Rosana Francescato's 2014 Solarthon Fund


Bay Area Solarthon 2014

Rosana Francescato's 2014 Solarthon Fund

Wow! Thanks to your generosity, I've exceeded my fundraising goal and beat my record from last year! Thanks so much!

No need to stop here -- the more we raise together, the more we can help low-income families with the power of the sun. These families may have to choose between paying their power bill and buying food or medication. No one should have to make that choice.

Are you wondering why so many friends have donated in the past, and why they think it's important? And what about Luna the Cat? Find out in this video, also featuring a great song by Valerie and Creg!

And see the video to the right to hear what the Most Solar Man in the World has to say.

Many thanks for your support! I really appreciate it, GRID Alternatives appreciates it, and the low-income families you're helping appreciate it. Together, we can make a difference.




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