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Chain Off 2009

Rhonda Sims's Fundraising Page

Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page! This will be my third year taking a stand for chained dogs everywhere, by raising awareness, collecting funds to help with vetting for formerly chained dogs and fencing to help improve the lives of those still chained. I am particulary excited this year because Chainoff will be held in my own state, SC, where you can find a chained dog on almost any street!

I cannot say enough about the work that DDB does, and am so appreciative of the help they have given me with the dogs that I have removed from chains. The work of DDB is never-ending. Efforts to build a rehabilitation facility for those removed from chains is the goal of DDB, and the funds raised will also go towards seeing that vision come to life!

The dog in my picture is my wonderful Penny, aka Penny the Pooh, Porky the Pit, or just plain Poopoohead.  My husband and I provided the doghouse in the picture, because all she had for shelter was a junk car that sat next to her 4 foot chain. We also provided food for her and Moochie, another pitbull who was chained with a boat chain in the back of the property. Penny was also nursing 8 pups on the end of her chain!

After alot of prayer and nagging on our part, Penny and Moochie's owner agreed to relinquish them to us. On that joyous day, we freed Penny, Moochie and the 8 pups from their lives of misery!  Penny's pups were taken in by a wonderful rescue in VA. Moochie was also adopted in VA after undergoing heartworm treatment. He now has a family who loves him and a big bed inside the house!

And as for Penny...she unpacked her bag in my house, and now plays with her bubbers all day. She will no longer have to have pups, wait for food, or sit miserably on the end of a chain! 

These babies are the lucky ones, because many more are not. Won't you help us help them by shouting to the world that chaining isn't right, and by donating towards their future??

Dogs Deserve Better is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and your donation is tax-deductable. Please help by donating today!

Every dollar counts, and no donation is too small!  Thanks so much for supporting us in freeing them!


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Rhonda Sims's Fundraising Page
Penny WAS chained with nursing pups!