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Ramah Bike Ride 2015

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In April 2013, I was on the Ramah Bike Ride that zig zagged its way through some challenging terrain from Jerusalem to Eilat.  I have to admit that my reasons for being on this ride didn't exactly meet Maimonides highest standard of tzedakah. A) I like to ride my bike and wanted to do something challenging and B) My good friend, Harold Kellner (the ageless wonder) was celebrating his 80th birthday and this was the way he wanted to do it.  Raising money for the Camp Ramah Tiqva program for children with special needs was a nice cause to support while I did something I enjoy.

The summer after that ride a few friends who had ridden together in Israel decided to make the ride from White Plains up to Wingdale, NY for visiting day at camp.  About 60 miles.  While hanging out at the camp that day I had an amazing experience.  I had worn the bike jersey that was given out to commemorate the 2013 Israel ride and several parents came over to me and thanked me for my fundraising efforts and told me that their children were in the Tiqva program, had directly benefited from it and told me what a difference it had made for them.  In all my years of fundraising for various organizations I had never had that direct an experience.  It gave me goosebumps.

So, I'm going back to tackle the Golan this May.  I still love to challenge myself by biking on difficult terrain but I also now have a very personal understanding of the difference that this fundraising effort makes.

Many thanks for your support.

Richard Greenfield

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