Richard's Fundraising Page For Walk Against Rape 2012


San Francisco's 7th Annual Walk Against Rape

San Francisco, California

Richard's Fundraising Page For Walk Against Rape 2012


Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

This is my 5th year doing the San Francisco Walk Against Rape, and i am thankful for all of the support to this cause so many of you have given- last year y'all made me the top individual fundraiser...!!! I am so grateful to all of you for your contributions, care and love. Rape impacts me through the lives of many people i love, so for me, this is definitely an act of love, and one way i can contribute to dismantling patriarchy. 

I had a goal of $1500 last year, and folks blew past it to approximately $1800. I'm going to try something new this year, and cut my goal in half to $750. I know we can do this, and i'll kick it off. 

Please take the time to give as generously as you can to SFWAR, the bay area's sole community based rape crisis center. Money you give will not only go towards keeping the 24-hour rape crisis hotline up, but also prevention initiatives re: workshops with youth in schools, multilingual services and more. For more information please click:

Thanks again! Together we can bring healing, and create a future where rape is not acceptable. Bless up



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