Help Moses End Violence Against Women

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Help Moses End Violence Against Women

Help Moses End Violence Against Women

So many of you have followed my updates on Moses Okoth from Nairobi, Kenya. He wrote to us at Men Stopping Violence with the single-minded goal of ending violence against women in his community.

He's already pulled together the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" march. 37 men participated. Here are some pics. MEN IN RED LADIES SHOES--->!/permalink.php?story_fbid=238652209529072&id=125256920848417

Moses was just released from JAIL...locked up for speaking out against a police officer who raped a woman.

This brave man is just getting started. He plans to start Men Stopping Violence classes in Nairobi. He emailed me today saying "I have a firm conviction that this will work." We do too. Moses is working to come to the U.S. next year so we can arm him with material to make this happen. In this meantime...he will keep planning communty activites and being a voice to end violence against women..even at risk to himself.

As if that wasn't enough...he is also focused on eradicating HIV in Africa. 

What Moses could use is something simple..a newer computer...not NEW...just newer. We were going to ship him one...but after fees/'s less expensive for him to buy one there. Also..what a powerful message of support to him..if...we...YOU do this for him...for the women and girls he is trying to help. He also need funds to copy paper, buy camera batteries and cell phone minutes...things many of us take for granted. He doesn't know we're making this page for him..but I guess he will soon:-)

If you can help...just click on "donate." A little bit goes a long way.

Thank you so very much from  me and Men Stopping Violence!


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Help Moses End Violence Against Women
Moses is making a difference!