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Ramah Bike Ride 2013

Training buddies Derek Brouwer

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So, a blind Jew and an ordained minister are going on a bike ride through the Negev...

Good start to a joke, but it's true. I'm slowly losing my sight, and haven't been able to ride a bike on my own for a decade. In 2011, I got a tandem (like this one), and I've been thrilled to get back on two wheels. I've been training with my good friend and coworker, Derek Brouwer, who is, in fact, a minister, going out at lunch and on weekends around beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We've been talking about signing up for some local organized rides, so when I said, "Hey, Derek, how'd you like to go for a ride around the Negev next year," he said, "I'll ask my wife." Then I explained to him that I got this email from Ramah, told him more about the ride and the great cause it supports, and we decided to give it a shot.

I think Ramah is a fantastic organization. While I was never a camper, I did spend a summer working at the Palmer, MA camp when I was in high school (my then-Rabbi's wife was the office manager, and helped me get a job in the mail room), and my son was privileged to be among the first campers at Ramah Outdoor Adventure in the Rockies a couple of summers ago. I know that our experiences deepened our connections to Judaism and the Jewish community at large. I am especially happy to support their programs for special needs campers of all ages.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Also, if you can come up with a good punchline to that joke, please let me know!

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