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Tri for Autism

As many of you know, I frequently enter events to raise money for Autism awareness on behalf of my son Kyle. He is nineteen years old now and the days of being a cute, happy-go-lucky kid are gone. Now the reality of what life will be like as an adult with few social programs to help him is settling in. It is for this reason we need to continue to research causes of Autism and how to prevent it. There's no cure, so those currently living with it have it for life. But for those who live with it today, the Organization for Autism Research applies research to answer questions of daily concern. This mission drives each of the goals and objectives that define OAR’s programs and determine its budget. This is why I've chosen this charity to share with my friends and family.

To be honest, I would not change one minute of Kyle's life. He has been and will always be the purest and most sincere person I'll ever know. Our struggles along this journey have made us extremely close - certainly closer than we ever would have been otherwise. So while Autism is a challenge Kyle will live with forever, his spirit and personality make this journey a blessing, too.

So join us on our journey in 2013. Kyle will watch over and participate in my training for marathons and triathlons - proudly wearing the logo of OAR and telling people about my amazing son wherever we go. While this year will see many finish lines, they will be just a footnote in Kyle's lifelong journey through the maze of Autism. We're in it together, so neither of us will be alone.

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