The Summit of AUSTRALIA: Mt. Kosciuszko

 Summit #6 of 7: USAF 7 Summits Challenge!!

The time has come for yet another climb in the historic mission of the USAF 7 Summits Challenge.  This year, we move one peak closer to putting America in the record books.  From Sept 29-Oct 7, our unofficial team of US Air Force members will travel to Australia and proudly fly the American and USAF flags from the summit of Australia's highest peak.  Unlike last year's trip to Antarctica, or any of our previous summits, Mt. Kosciuszko is a mountain of modest stature and altitude.  However, it will be an excellent vehicle to raise pride in the USAF and to support the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Thanks to your donations, our 7 Summits Challenge has raised over $50,000 and generated excellent media coverage for the SOWF over the last five years.  With your help, we can continue forward with our goal to reach $100,000.  With just Australia and Asia (Mt. Everest) left, the time to donate is now!!

The 'USAF 7 Summits Challenge' is a 501(c)19 War Veteran's organization that is not sponsored by the USAF or the DOD.  Rather, it is a group of US Air Force members that intend to generate positive press and promote the values of the USAF by being the first military group in history to climb the highest peak on each of our planet's seven continents.  We use our own personal funds and leave to accomplish the climbs. 100% of all funds raised have been given to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

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The Special Operations Warrior Foundation mission is devoted to providing a college education to every child who has lost a parent while serving in Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps Special Operations during an operational or training mission. The forces covered by the Foundation are some 50,000 military special operations and support personnel stationed in units throughout the United States and overseas bases.

The Warrior Foundation is currently committed to providing scholarship grants, not loans, to more than 760 children. These children survive over 600 Special Operations personnel who gave their lives in patriotic service to their country, including those who died fighting our nation's war against terrorism as part of "Operation Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan and the Philippines as well as "Operation Iraqi Freedom." To date, 143 children of fallen special operations warriors have graduated from college.

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