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University of Michigan Polar Plunge - 2013

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Robert Evans's Page

Please help the bearded 6th grade teachers of Quincy Middle School to raise money for Special Olympics.   As a track and football coach for the last 18 years I know that the opportunity to be a part of team and competition is a great way to build confidence and learn life lessons. 

As a parent of a special needs child, I have seen how much she has enjoyed participating in sports like horse back riding and softball.  When the opportunity to raise money for Special Olympics was presented and, to be honest, spend some time in the "Big House", I jumped at the opportunity.  Jumping in cold water was not much of a motivator.

Help me to overcome the cold by donating to my cause.   I will be dressed in full Quincy football gear (helmet, shoulder pads, etc...) from head to toe on the day of the event.  If I am going to be at the "BIG HOUSE"  I am going to live the dream.   







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