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The Education Fund's Teach-A-Thon

Miami, Florida

Robert Hacker's Page

Dear Friends:

I am participating in The Education Fund’s Teach-A-Thon . This is an annual fundraising effort to raise additionasl funds for Miami-Dade public schools at the classroom level. I will be teaching a class to 3rd graders at a school in Hialeah on November 13. Whatever monies you choose to donate to support this effort, 50% goes to my class in Hialeah and the remainder goes to other classes.

The organizers asked if I was scared to teach a class of children. I told them I thought I could handle it. I have been to many classrooms during my years at One Laptop per Child. I plan to teach the Marshmellow Challenge, which has been done thousands of times around the world. Normally young children do better than adults because they naturally use an iterative approach.

If you would like to support the Marshmellow Challenge in Hialeah on November 13 and support my class, please donate.


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