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Roberta Barzman's Page

In 2006 I was in an office calling on some clients and one of the realtors that I do business with was talking to me and noticed a mole on my chest and suggested that I go see her doctor and have it checked. She had experienced several pre-cancerous moles removed and said she had an eye for it. I didn't notice anything that looked different from all the other moles but I took her advice. After seeing her Dr. he sent me to my plastic surgeon to have it biopsied. One week later as I was on my last day of a weeks vacation I turned my phone on to have several missed messages from my Dr. I called him immediately and he told me that I have Malignant Melanoma and referred me to a specialist who then confirmed the severity and sent me to St. Johns. Within in a week I was in surgery. When I woke I was rather stunned at the severity of the incision and a little overwhelmed by the news. I was told it was very fast growing and that they removed 2 lymph nodes as well. One came back possitive. That was in Oct. and in Nov. I went back in to have 16 more lymph nodes removed. I knew nothing about Melanoma however I was a sun bather and a tanning bed user. As I said WAS!!!! I am now 5 yrs. cancer free and am monitored constantly. I am greatful to my Angel named Robyn who saved my life. Had I ignored it I probably would not be here today. I am eternally greatful to my amazing Dr. Faries and everyone at St. John's.I have been waiting for a walk or something to raise money and awareness to stop or at least to educate everyone about how to prevent this horrible disease. With the help of many people and amazing fellow Melanoma survivors we are doing the first walk!!!! Please join me by donating, walking or both!! I am blessed to be alive and to enjoy the love of my children and my grandsons!! Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! My team ae is Team Mela "NO" ma.

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