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2012 Boston Marathon ® Running for Cover Team

Dr. Robin Travers' Page


Record-breaking temperatures are predicted for race-day, and the Boston Athletic Association is warning inexperienced marathoners or those with inadequate heat acclimation to avoid running.  My plan is to run, but to be safe, I'll be running much more slowly than planned.  I had hoped to run a 3:45 this year, but it will be 90 degrees as we come through the Newton Hills, so 4:15-4:30 is a a better estimate!  

November: That time of year meant that I was putting together my training plan for the 2012 Boston Marathon!  This will be my 9th marathon, my 7th Boston Marathon, and my 3rd year of running with the Melanoma Foundation of New England's "Running for Cover" marathon team. 

Even though I have run a Boston Marathon qualifying time earlier this year (3:43!), I've committed once more to running with the "Running for Cover" marathon team to support this very deserving cause. 

As a dermatologist at SkinCare Physicians, I have made the diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma far too often.  I have had the opportunity to see the work of the MFNE up close, and I'm proud to raise funds for this worthy cause!  

December:  I picked up my mileage and promptly experienced a recurrence of my plantar fasciitis. Some rest and rehab and careful attention to taping my foot before every run seemed to help

January and February:  The lovely warm winter was a boon to my training, although I was a bit behind in my mileage because of the plantar fasciitis issues early in the season.

March:  My training is really coming together!  I maxed out at 60+ miles for the last few weeks, and even though I suffered from pes anserine bursitis, it required only a short rest and rehab break.  On track for Boston! 

My number is 17890, and I will be in the 9th corral of the 2nd wave!

When you donate, make a prediction for my marathon time this year.  Just as last year, I will double the donation of the person who predicts most closely!!!  For comparison's sake, my previous Boston Marathon times have ranged from 3:39 to 4:06.  My most recent marathon time was 3:43:29!

I'm following the Hanson Brooks Distance Project training program once more this year.  This program de-emphasizes the weekend long runs, mandating that they take no more than 30% of the weekly mileage.  There is an increased emphasis on mid-week quality runs, with VO2 max workouts and tempo runs weekly. 

I'll keep this page updated with some of my training runs so you can follow along with my progress.  I'll also offer up some goodies to my supporters, so keep on visiting this page for some surprises! 


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