Powder's Fundraising Page


Powder's Fundraising Page

Powder's Fundraising Page


UPDATE 02/16/11

Believe it or not Powder's ordeal is OVER!

Thank you to ALL Of YOU who cross posted, worried and stood by us with emotional, physical and financial support to get this baby out of pain and his legs straightened so he CAN stand up if he wishes!

And to those who offered to take him into their homes and their rescue programs when he was in crisis!

And ESPECIALLY to Jill, his foster mom, for doing alot of soul searching and listening to her heart!


"After much thought and careful consideration I have decided to keep [and adopt] "Powder" permanently. As I have taken the time to reflect on the last 7months, I have realized just how far "Powder" has come and how he has settled in here and considers it home. When I brought him home many months ago he was a skinny, very shy man and anything "new" was beyond scary. Whereas now, new things aren't close to scary, but are fun and enjoyable. He trusts me to take him places like the pet-store and do such simple things like a nail trim with little reservation, whereas months ago these trips and tasks involved much muscle and time.

With the exception of his chewing he is a great dog! He has become a great companion and playmate for my Newfie and gets along well with the Chihuahuas and ignores the birds.

I think he has made himself at home and as long as I kennel him when I am away from the house I think he feels he is "at home" and I agree. - Jill"


UPDATE 01/24/11

Things have not been going as well as we wanted and Powder although he CAN stand up straight is refusing too. After all the therapy and braces he has gained 30 lbs in back leg muscle and looks like a REAL NICE BUILT DANE but he still walks all hunkered over as that is what he is most comfortable with. So do we let it go at this or do we keep trying to get him to stand? He is the hardest headed dog ever and at his size it is hard to get him to do anything he does not want to do. Silly boy 

UPDATE 11/9/10

Powder has limited range of motion and extension in his back legs since he has NEVER had it and part of his therapy was to wear extension splints on each leg at night (THANK YOU DIANA for renting the splints for him). Needless to say that hardheadedness that got him through until now is coming into effect with these Splints/braces. POWDER HATES THEM.. poor guy. But he needs to wear them so he has learned his foster mom is JUST as hard headed! See update below.

"Quick update on “Powder”… He is doing well and is finally starting to give in to the splints. It isn’t perfect yet, but we are able to keep one splint on at a time for the 8 hours, so we are alternating legs each night… right, left, right, left. He is tolerating this pretty well. Pharmacologic intervention didn’t help! I am hopeful we may reach a point where he will tolerate both splints at the same time, but this is better than nothing. We are going to try adjusting the tension this weekend. More updates as we can! - Jill"

UPDATE 10/18/2010

POWDER IS BETTER~ Link to his weekend pass from the vet is below


UPDATE 9/30/10

Powder” had his second surgery yesterday to correct the deformities on his right hind leg. The performed a corrective osteotomy of the tibia to straighten the bone, and repaired his luxated patella (bone in his knee), moving it back into a more normal position. Additionally, they performed a muscle release on both hind legs to help give him more extension in the hind legs in the hopes he may stand up a little straighter. Fortunately for “Powder” he was able to come home after surgery and not have to spend the night in the hospital.

“Powder” is doing well today, 24 hours after surgery. He is still non-ambulatory, and managing to convince us to cater to his every need. (I actually slept on the floor beside him last night as he was whining! I’m tired and my back hurts today!) He ate a small breakfast this morning before falling back asleep. I am hoping that tonight we can get him up and outside with some extra hands. Additionally, we are hoping to start some passive range of motion exercises if he will let us to help prevent the muscle release from scarring down too much and further restricting his extension.

The plans for “Powder” include post-operative pain management for the next two weeks, TLC (of course), along with some “spoiling” at which time we will resume his physical therapy. He will return to the  veterinary hospital at the end of the year  for recheck radiographs, with the hopes that he has healed well.

Good luck to “Powder”! He has lots of doggy friends taking care of him now and providing him emotional support. We will try and get a picture of them curling up beside him. - Jill"

UPDATE 8/25/10
Here is a link to some pics of "Powder" in the treadmill.



Photo and Video links are below.

Powder home after surgery


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmraxAL53Lo&NR=1


Powder before surgery at the vet http://picasaweb.google.com/RSRcalendar/PowderSFirstSurgeryTrip#

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dooU6FqYA_I

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrNgbUW50h8


Powder in his awesome DONATED WHEELCHAIR! http://picasaweb.google.com/RSRcalendar/PowderSWheelChair#

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-k1MwhslUo


Powder surgery explanation

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k2oheGKw_E


Powder walking before surgery

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_fcGbINetk

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqNo7i9cT3Q


Powder Pictures links




(IMAGINE, if you will)

IMAGINE, if you will, a tiny white puppy locked alone in a crate, crying and pawing the bars as he watches the other puppies playing joyfully in the sun. He didn't know being deaf meant he was undesirable or unworthy. Born different and misunderstood, just as the title character in the movie Powder, he was kept hidden and labeled a freak, an outcast.

IMAGINE, if you will, being ignored for many long months, and finally giving up crying for help, knowing no one is listening. No one notices his pain, his loneliness, or his suffering. His quickly changing body adapts, resigning itself to an immobile life, growing until no longer able to stand or turn around in the crate. The now lanky double-merle puppy lives in pain, yet never complains. As he grows, nature painfully forces hips out of socket to make room for ever growing legs, kneecaps go askew as enlarging feet extend from cramped, twisted legs. The deaf pale white puppy with striking blue eyes and rapidly deforming legs becomes an example of the human capacity for cruelty of those deemed "different."

IMAGINE, if you will, finally bursting from that tiny prison into a world that has shown no mercy. Frightened, unable to hear or walk, this large puppy is tossed out and forgotten, without a backwards glance. But like in the movie, imagine this puppy possessing an amazing power… the power to love, to forgive, to forget, and most importantly an unfailing will to LIVE! Refusing to give up, despite hips out of socket, dislocated kneecaps and painfully twisted hind legs, he forces his malformed body to mobilize, and painfully “walks” to his salvation. His mangled legs led him to a human who did not run in fear or turn her head, but instead saw the great potential and love in his pale blue eyes.

IMAGINE, if you will, Powder, a BEAUTIFUL 9 month old, 125lb Great Dane, deaf but undeterred, desperately needing FOUR $2,750 orthopedic surgeries to put hips back where they belong, to break and untwist two mangled legs and to replace long displaced knee caps.

IMAGINE, if you will, that puppy finally able to live his dream and play in the sun with the others. Imagine still his tortured life of pain and continued suffering, his very dark dismal future if there are no surgeries, if there is no help. Imagine, if you will…

Despite his disturbingly odd appearance, it is impossible to ignore Powder’s gift for forgiveness, love and determination. Combined with his magnetic personality, this amazing puppy has the potential to change the lives of all those around him in ways one could never imagine.

Please help Powder FIGHT for his right to be a normal puppy!!


RockySpot Rescue, Inc


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