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2012 ING New York City Marathon

New York, New York

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I've previously run four marathons for OAR and have had good fund-raising success on each: In 2007 I raised $7,171, in 2008 raised $6,370, in 2009 raised $6,721, and in 2011 I raised $15,335 for a total of $$35,597.

So for 2012 I'm  hoping toraise the bar to the $26,200 mark. That's $1,000 per mile.  I'll be doing this at a very significant marathon, the world's largest, the November 4, 2012 ING New York City Marathon.

And although that may seem difficult and daunting, as it's often difficult and daunting for first-time marathoners to train for and complete a 26.2-mile run, it's a walk-in-the-park compared to the challenges overcome every day by childen and adults with autism.

So any help getting me across the four boroughs one mile, one thousand dollars, at a time, would be greatly appreciated by me and by them.

Any contibution, every yard and meter, every mile and kilometer, helps us get from the start-line on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to the finish-line in Central Park.  But here are some suggested contributions:

A Sprint (100 meters) = $62

One Lap (quarter-mile track) = $250

One Kilometer = $621

One Mile = $1,000

A 5K = $3,105

A 10K = $6,210

Again, thanks to all of you who've contributed since 2007 and who continue to help in 2012!

Rod Lauredo



·         1 in 110 children are diagnosed with autism;

·         1 in 70 boys are on the autism spectrum;

·         67 children are diagnosed per day;

·         More common than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined.


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