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Ann Arbor, Michigan
Training buddies Andrew Comai

Roger Kerson's Team UAW Eco-ride page

Glad you clicked over to the Team UAW fundraising page for the EcoRide

If you've gotten this far, you're going to donate, right?

Great!  Because your contribution will help support the work of the Ecology Center, where I have the privilege of serving as President of the Board of Directors.

It's more important than ever to have a strong voice supporting clean energy, clean cars, and clean products for our homes and families.

It's especially important here in Michigan, where we need new jobs, green jobs -- and jobs that support families and communities.

But most of all... it's important that I beat Mike.

Mike Garfield, that is, director of the Ecology Center.  Last year, he was the top EcoRide fundraiser and I was just a few dollars behind.

He's already raised $1,300 this year.  So  I'm not taking any chances.  I've joined up with Andy Comai and his family here on Team UAW, and I've set a personal goal to raise $2,000.  I figure if I win by a lot,  we won't need a recount.

Please pitch in whatever you can.  The work really is important -- you can find out more at

Thanks much... hope your summer is all downhill from here!


PS:  The EcoRide is this this coming Sunday, June 28.  Please make your donation soon so I can sweep past Mike and get on the leader board!  Thx




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Roger Kerson's Team UAW Eco-ride page
Help Dad raze $ fr a gd cause. Thx.