Marine Corps Marathon

Organization for Autism Research

Marine Corps Marathon

Washington, District of Columbia
Training buddies Dawn my wife, All my friends (to many to name and I do not want to leave anyone out!) and the watertribers.

Marine Corps Marathon

Thank you for visiting my Personal Fundraising Page. Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to my fundraising efforts. Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

If you decide to donate you will be able to choose all the options that is shown on this page except for the amount given. I have decided to keep that hidden so that noone will feel bad about giving a small amount and also to encourage giving even a small amount.

You will be able to choose the  name you want shown and you will also be able to make any comments that you like that will be shown for everyone to see.

Again, this is not for me, it is for the children. And what a great event to raise money, The Marine Corps Marathon where I can also honor those that have served. Thank you for your support.


My Watertribe name is jollyroger. Watertribers are normal folks who do adventure kayak and small sailboat races (Everglades challenge) and some like SailbirdMike use the races to raise money for charity just like me. So if you see what seems to be odd names popping up on the Donors list then those are my friends and fellow Watertibe friends! :)......_/)_........

Thanks to merlin for getting the ball rolling. I hope you are trainning.

Thanks to Bully, hey get your Blog going so i can follow your adventures! 

Thanks to P90Rex.  I'll certainly do my best although i could only dream of cheetah speed.

Thanks to Robe. I will finish or at least do my best to get it done!

Thanks to Bridget and Eli Wood and Kris! I am glad that you are a run fan and supporter. Let me know if you are ever in a fundraising run. Thanks again guys!

 Thanks Anita! Wow you brought it!  I'll do my best.

Thanks Marines, I am looking forward to the Marine Corps Marathon and my first vist to DC. Hopefully the siteseeing and event itself will take my mind off the miles!  Many Thanks to all.

Dawnwiththewind, my lovely wife, you are to good to me!

Thanks much Chief, you just put me over the top of my goal of $600! Well done all and for a great cause.

I hope all you guys feel as proud as I do to do something good for a very good Charity! Anyone who gave in my name please know that if you are ever raising money for Charity then please let me know and count me in.

Thank you , Thank you!

I did finish the Marathon in 5:22 something.

This page is no longer accepting donations
Marine Corps Marathon
Running buddy Randy.Greenvalley 10 miler