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Ron Hansen's Page

In memory of Gary Hansen

Ron Hansen's Page

In 2015 I lost my dad to Lewy Body Dementia. From Diagnosis to passing my dad's fight was only 4 1/2 short years. My dad was one of those people who once you met him he made you feel great about yourself and that you and he had known each other for years.

I have chosen to take this opportunity to fund raise for the Lewy Body Dementia Association. When most people hear the word dementia they think of Alzheimer's. That's because Alzheimer's is the most talked about form of dementia. While LBD may not be as widely known it affects more than 1.4 million people and their families each year. LBD not only affects ones memory, it also affects your physical capabilities, balance, cognitive skills and communication. I witnessed all of these affects in the course of my dad's demise.

Early on my dad knew that something was not right. I remember him asking my mom if everyone could where name tags at their 70/50 party (70 yrs old and 50 yrs married) because it was hard for him to remember peoples names. This was particularly difficult for someone, like my dad, who was very social. LBD is a particularly irregular disease. One day my dad would have very lucid moments, remember all of our names, and stories from the past and the next he would not know who you were or be able to clothe or feed himself. Nothing prepares you for the effects of Dementia and certainly not the large swings related to Lewy Body Dementia.

So in memory of my dad I decided I needed to do something to bring a greater awareness to the disease and honor his life. I enjoy cycling, Road, Mountain & cyclocross and thought about combining that interest with raising awareness and money to find a cure for Lewy Body Dementia.

On July 6th 2017 I will embark on a 9 day 8 night cycling tour starting in Eugene OR, down the Pacific Coast to San Francisco CA (Lafayette to be exact) where I live. My goal is to raise money and awareness for the Lewy Body Dementia Association so they can do what is necessary to find a cure. I hope that together, we can heighten the awareness of LBD while sharing the love of my dad by helping others affected by this disease.

Thank you in advance for your support and contributions.

Ron Hansen

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