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Ride For Pride 8

Ronald R's Page

I keep hearing the question: Given all that's going on, how can I help? Please allow me to offer a small suggestion? The GAGV has been providing support and advocacy for the LGBTQ community in the Rochester area for over 40 years now. The fight for equal rights for *all* clearly has been reengaged by politicians and there needs to be a response. 

So I am going to *earn* your money to support the GAGV and all the fantastic programs, including the Pride Parade and Festival, by doing a fifty (yes, 50) mile bike ride; the 'Ride for Pride':

YOU CAN HELP by donating to support my ride and the GAGV by going here: oh wait,you're here already! :)

This is personal for me; I am bisexual and I know far too many LGBTQ people to think that inequality isn't a real issue that has an impact on these people every day. I like a quote I saw recently: "This isn't about bathrooms, just like it wasn't about water fountains." 

This is, also, my chance to help. Please help me to help by considering donating? Every bit helps, just like every person matters! hugs and thank you!

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