Rhode Island AIDS Walk for Life 2011


Rhode Island AIDS Walk for Life 2011

Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island AIDS Walk for Life 2011

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page for AIDS PROJECT RHODE ISLAND!

The Project is dedicated to excellence in the provision of confidential, comprehensive,  services that contribute to the well being of HIV infected persons through quality case management. 

The Project is dedicated to education about and prevention of this still incurable disease.

The AIDS walk is now a critical source of funds for the Project in an ecomonic climate where funding for social services is being cut to the bone or eliminated altogether.   It is now the case that dollars for much needed outreach and education on prevention are simply not there.  Those not understanding the essentials of how this preventable disease is transmitted are at terrible risk.  And this population tends to be young and        sadly unaware of the terrible devastation that was wrought on gay men in the 1980's.  They need your help to understand, act and stay healthy themselves.

Quality case managment, critical dollars for health insurance and meds are desperately needed by persons with AIDS or HIV. Imagine not being able to shop or walk your pet or buy life saving medicine?  The Project has come to the assistance of many since its founding but its mission remains critical to those among us who are infected and in need of help. 

Please support this worthy cause.

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