Run4Leah/CureNF Buffalo Marathon Fundraiser


Run4Leah/CureNF Buffalo Marathon Fundraiser

Run4Leah/CureNF Buffalo Marathon Fundraiser

Thank you for visiting Leah Joy Manth's Fundraising Page for Run for Leah/CureNF.

Leah Manth is a beautiful, intelligent 12 year old girl who has Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2). NF2 is a genetic disorder in which Leah is lacking a protein. The absence of this protein means that Leah and others affected by NF2 develop tumors along nerves in both the peripheral and central nervous systems. Leah currently has several tumors in her brain and spine. She has endured 7 surgeries in the past 4 years. Leah has partial hearing loss in her right ear requiring her to use a hearing aid.  She also had facial paralysis on one side of her face due to a tumor that destroyed her facial nerve.  The money raised will be used to privately fund research targeted at shrinking tumor growth in NF2 patients, advocacy efforts for continued funding of NF research on a federal level, as well as to support NF2 awareness efforts and outreach materials.  Our Run4Leah/CureNF organization is fueled 100% by volunteers! 

Despite Leah's medical problems she is a happy, normal 7th grader who desperately just wants to be a little girl. Leah runs cross country, track, and when not recovering from surgery, continues to play basketball. Anyone who comes in contact with her is amazed at her courage and positive view on life. Leah is truly an inspiration to everyone who meets her. To learn more about Leah, NF2, or our Run4Leah/CureNF team visit our blog at


Our annual fundriasing campaign centers around the Buffalo Marathon.  This will be the Run4Leah/CureNF team's 6th year participating and our goal is to raise $26,000 with 100 runners/walkers. 

TO DONATE OR SPONSOR A RUNNER: Use this website - it is fast, simple and secure - simply click on the green "DONATE" icon.  If making a donation to sponsor a runner/walker, please list the participant's name in your donation message.  The donor may still remain anonymous, if desired.  Checks are also accepted and should made out to NFInc.NE and mail them to Dave Manth 2922 Walck Drive North Tonawanda, NY 14120.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! TO RUN/WALK IN THE BUFFALO MARATHON ON SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2013: You can run/walk the full marathon- 26.2 miles, a half marathon -13.1 miles or as part of a 4 person relay. Please contact Anne Patterson at

2013 Run4Leah Runners:  A huge thank you to all our runners! It was a perfect day for the marathon and we appreciate you being part of the Run4Leah Team  ~  raising much needed awareness and funds!

Full Marathon: Andrea Hutton, Ashley Goodrich, Bev Walters, Adam Griffin, T.L. Griffin

Half Marathon:  Derek Weaver, Alan Jaenecke, Patrick Dalton, Dave Robinson, TJ Jones, Sean Brennan, Kirstin Hawayek, Cathy Haight, Anne Patterson, Dan Patterson, Tom Mooney, Kelly Witczak, Debbie Miller, Donna Hutton, Russ Wojiechowski, Teddy Young, Mary Beth Putney, Mark Walck, Kelsey Zack, Famie Metzger, Jeff Zuver,  Claire Movalli, Mindy Walck, Lisa Hoffman, Peter Janes, Jeremy Griffiths, Danielle Cherry, Pete Osmond, Jane Osmond, Michael Manth, Brianna Kelly, Carol Flaherty

Relay Runners:  Jon Hawayek, Brad Hawayek, Patrick Lowkes, Cathy Lowkes, Sandy Bauerschmidt, Tracy Ensminger, Susan Lauber, Kathleen Kneeland, Jeff Ensminger,  David Downs, Mill Lockwood, Christie Edholm, Melissa Denny, Lacey Bromley, Leah Manth, Jake McPherson, Sue Bennett, Dennis Burns, Tim Robertson, Larrry Robertson, Peter Hughes, Mitch Mirsky, Mike Fenn, Kevin Bosiacki, Liz Cassidy, Marybeth Shaw, Scott Eden, Michael Burke, Duncan Shaw, Jill Gleason, Justin Pruzak, Dave Grieco,Ella Frauenhofer, Chloe Zuch, Danielle DalPorto, Austin Glick, Marissa Sly, Anya Fike, Lauren Candlena, Jake Lowry, Kyle Brady, Daiman Brady, Kayla Barone, Ryan Mulligan, Megan Weaver, Maddy Cook, Kim Long, Justin Smith, Gwyn Fredricks, Nathan Hawayek, Ian Russ, Grace Mooney, David Klink

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