Run 4 Leah Buffalo Marathon May 30, 2010


Run 4 Leah Buffalo Marathon May 30, 2010

Run 4 Leah Buffalo Marathon May 30, 2010

Thank you for visiting Leah Joy Manth's Fundraising Page.

Leah Manth is a beautiful, intelligent 10 year old girl who has Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2).  NF2 is a genetic disorder in which Leah is lacking a protein in her body.  The absence of this protein means that Leah's body will produce tumors along nerves.  Leah currently has several tumors in her brain and on her spine.  She has endured two spinal surgeries and brain surgery in the last year.  All of the money raised will go directly towards research with the hopes of finding a medication or treatment that can stop and/or shrink tumor growth. 

Despite Leah's medical problems she is a happy, normal 4th grader who desperately just wants to be a little girl.  Anyone who comes in contact with her is amazed at her courage and positive view on life.  She is truly an inspiration to everyone who meets her.


TO DONATE OR SPONSOR A RUNNER:  Use this website - it is fast, simple and secure - simply click on the "GIVE NOW."  You can also make checks out to NFInc.NE and mail them to Dave Manth 2922 Walck Drive North Tonawanda, NY 14120.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!                                                                            TO RUN/WALK IN THE BUFFALO MARATHON ON SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2011:  You can run the full marathon- 26.2 miles, a half marathon -13.1 miles or as part of a 4 person relay.  Please contact Anne-Marie Patterson at

TO VOLUNTEER:  If running/walking is not your thing, there are plenty of volunteer options.  We need help at the expo with packet pick-up on Saturday, May 28.  On Sunday, May 29 help is needed finshing up packet pick-up in the early morning, assisting at one of our water stations or at the party in the convention center after the run.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Jennifer Wittkowsky at

Please help us find a cure/treatment for this awful disorder by making a donation today.   Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think may want to donate, run or volunteer!

For more information please go to

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's marathon such a success.  The weather cooperated and we truly saw the best that the Buffalo area has to offer.  Every runner, volunteer and family member came together and showed Leah we will all do the best we can to find a better treatment than invasive surgeries!  All of our contributions - no matter how big or small; whether they be financial, time or talent- they all make a HUGE difference, and for that our family is forever grateful!

RUNNERS: We officially had 90 Runners in 2010!!

FULL:  Mark Beehler, Scott Eden, Lauren Stilb, Bev Walters, Betty Herberger, Mark Jensen, Briana Kelley, Brandi Williams, Jess Reeves

HALF:  Dennis Burns, Liz Chruney, Patrick Dalton Jr., Kirstin Hawayek,  Rosalie Herberger, Alan Jaenecke,  John Manth, Patricia McCalister, Carol Niesser, Anne Patterson, Nicole Bubar, Tom Isula, Suzanne Mercurio, Tom Mooney, Stacy Oar, Jennifer McGuire, Krista Raimondo, Marianne Tyree, Karl Walker, Stephanie Knight, Jeri Jamison,  Amy Davis, Shannon Lunney, Cherrish Beals, Mathew Beals, Hend Habir, Peter Was, Rurik Johnson, Carol Flaherty, Dan Patterson, Sarah Tasker, Mary O'Leary, Amy Scott, Sarah Jane Scott, Duncan Shaw

RELAY: Sandy Bauerschmidt, Michelle Bullock, Jeff Ensminger, Tracy Ensminger, Joe Indelicato, Mia Markello,Peter Mercurio, Mitch Mirsky, Todd Walters, Paul Wojcik, Michael Dole, Amanda Tirado, Marybeth Shaw, Jennifer Songin, Stanley Grzebinski, Monique Leo, TJ Jones, Leah Klocke, Molly Jones, Amanda Westfall,  Emily Neu, James Bodziak, Karen Hugh's, Sharon Lomnicki, Janelle Auker, John Leamer, Mark Walck, Mindy Walck, Casey Kelly, Evan Stewart, Meaghan Tent, Brian Tent, Liz Cassidy, Catherine Mannion, Rob Bernys, David Downs, Lisa Hoffman,  Bill Oar, Jenna Fishback, Tammy Skurski, Nickole Garrison, Mike Tehan, Cassie McClure,Julie Robinson, Suzie Horton, Brad Rogers

VOLUNTEERS:  Cathy Burns, Carol & Dick Carney, Lynn Chase, Daly Family, Ken Eckhert, Jules Everhard, Janet Evonuik, Jen Fee, Briana Foss, Debbei Grady, Judy Jackson, Kaa Jogodzinski, Karen Jones, Kern Family, Sue & Jeni Leaderstorf, Debbie Teresa Maerten-Paluch and friend Sue, Jim & Adelaide Manth, Manth Family, McClinsey Family, McKie Family, Kristine Mirsky, Mooney Family, Anne Mooney & Joe Robinson, Hillary Onetto, Frank & Joan Pascarella, Patterson Family, Kathy and Jerry Patterson, Patterson Family, Colleen O'Brien, Chris Occino, Karen Rathburn, Linda& Jillian Rohloff, Roof Family, Judy Rozanski, Shaw Family, Lauren and Brittany (Marissa's friends), St. Cyr Family, Jen & Scott Steiner, Karen Tam & Ed, Walck Family, Mark & Bev Walters, Tom & Lori Westermeier, Marilyn Wittkowsky, Wittkowsky Family, Mr. Manth's Criminal Justice Students and Mrs. Tam's Nursing Students.   

Business Sponsors:

International Fiber Corporation

Buffalo Granite and Marble

Patrician Room Salon

Audubon Machinery Corporation

Robert Warner, DDS

Mark's Plumbing

Spier Machinery Corp

Medical Claims Processors

Ronald C. Trabucco, Attorrney At Law

Cornerstone Researching & Marketing

Leisure Living

Holler-Grapes Insurance Agency

Tom Fezer Collision

Classic Paint & Wallcovering

Fraternal Order of Eagles -Tonawanda Auxilliary

Gary's Service

LPS Home Improvement

Thomas Batt, CPA

City of North Tonawanda Mayor and City Hall Employees

Knights of Columbus- NT Catholic Club

Randy's Auto Care

Caboodle Printing

Mississippi Mudds

Pane's Restaurant

Subway-Niagara St. Tonawanada location

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Run 4 Leah Buffalo Marathon May 30, 2010
Leah with her bear- Courage!