Leah Joy Manth's Fundraising Page


Leah Joy Manth's Fundraising Page

Leah Joy Manth's Fundraising Page

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!  76 family and friends ran in the Buffalo Marathon while 80 more volunteered at the the finish line and two water tables.  Thank you everyone who made this such a special day.  Our green shirts not only raised money but awareness for NF.

Still time to donate this site will expire July 23, 2008.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts.  Your donation is 100% tax deductible and 1000% appreciated.

Our beautiful 8 year old daughter Leah, was diagnosed in July, 2007 with Neurofibromitosis 2 (NF2).  NF2 is a rare disorder where the child is lacking a protein that suppresses tumor growth.  Without this protein, children like Leah develop benign tumors that grow in the brain, spinal cord and throughout the body.  These tumors can grow large enough to cause neurological problems like deafness, blindness and seizure activity depending on their size and location.  Sometimes the tumors can be surgically removed, but at great risk to the child. 

Leah currently has 6 tumors in her brain and one in her neck compressing her spinal cord at C2.  Leah will most likely need risky surgery in the near future for her spinal tumor.  Current research is aimed at producing the missing protein which could prevent new tumors from developing and hopefully keep existing tumors from growing. Leah is one of the youngest patients identified with NF2. It is urgent that we fund this research for Leah and others facing the lifelong challenges of NF2.

Thank you for all of your support.

John and Linda Manth


Marathon:  Linda Manth, Debbi Hanlon, Micheal Nigrelli, Joseph Marzello, Jason Zapp, Christopher Occhino and Andrew McCauley.

Half Marathon:  Ann Marie Oliverio, Valorie Hastings, Shelley Witt, Bert Pandolfino, Stacy Oar, Linda Wojtan, Tom Isula, Carol Flaherty, Maureen Kemeny, Amy Shephard, Suzanne Mercurio, Pat Dalton, Jessica Nowak, Alex Brown, Anna Pawlaczyk, Becky Freeman and Brian Phillips.

Relay Teams: 

Lisa Hoffman, Leah Klocke, Scott Eden and Mary Beth Shaw (Anchor)

John Manth, Elizabeth Chruney, Anne Marie Kern and Dan Patterson (Anchor)

Robin George, Tom Barney, Sarah Tasker and Julie Mooney (Anchor)

Bill Oar, Jon Macswan, Pete Mercurio and James Bodziak (Anchor)

Kara Jagodzinski, Ken Eckhert, Mary O'Leary, and Anne Marie Patterson (Anchor)

David Manth, Jonathan Witt, Melinda Walck and Tom Mooney (Anchor)

Nicole Bubar, Jeff O'Donnell, Beverly Walter and John Evankovich (Anchor)

Roz Marohn, Jen Haaker, Jill Lyons and Mitch Mirsky (Anchor)

Kristen Walker, John O'Donnell, Susan Lauber and Hend Habir (Anchor)

Michelle Bullock, Kirstin Hawayek, Jon Hawayek and Mark Jensen (Anchor)

Brandi Williams, Mersida Mehmedovic, Amir Skopljak and Mark Lee, (Anchor)

Peter Osmond, Aileen Hoak, Kevin Hoak and Rachel McNamara (Anchor)

Elizabeth Toft, Jackie Kirsch, Mary Kuntz and Jaimie Kuntz (Anchor)


For more information on NF, please visit NF Inc.

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Leah Joy Manth's Fundraising Page
All of the runners before the race