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CANstruction 2017: Go Team!

Ryan Biggs Clark Davis's Page

This is the fourth year we have participated as a Canstruction build team. Over the course of our involvement in Canstruction, Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis has donated over $15,000 in canned food to The Food Pantries for the Capital District.

Canstruction Build Day will be held on March 7, 2017, at the New York State Museum in Albany. The theme: GO TEAM! The fourth floor of the museum will be transformed into a space filled with enormous canned food structures showcasing the talents of local A/E/C firms. The exhibits will be seen by visitors from near and far, and there is even a chance for the public to vote for your favorite by bringing in canned food items to use as votes.

In order to participate in Canstruction, Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis will need to purchase 3,000-5,000 cans of food to complete our CANstructure. Every canned good used to build our structure will be donated directly to The Food Pantries. We are grateful that you have joined hands with us and participated as our Sponsor.  All donations are tax-deductible. 

We appreciate your generous sponsorship and your support to help us fight hunger. We hope you will visit the Canstruction exhibit between March 8-23 at the New York State Museum. Be sure to bring a canned good and vote for your favorite canstructure!

Thanks for your support,

Team Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis

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