Boston Marathon 2012

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Boston Marathon 2012

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Boston Marathon 2012

Participating in school athletics is a privilege and allows students to grow both as teammates and individuals.  Being a team member is a unique opportunity that helps to teach life's lessons.  Hard work, dedication, commitment, and respect are just a few of the important lessons that students can learn from participating on athletic teams here at Salem Academy Charter School. 

Through fundraising, we will be able to expand our program and give every student the chance to be apart of something truly great.  With your help, our students will be given new opportunities to excel and obtain the important values built into being a team member.

As Athletic Director, I feel it is important to show students how to challenge themselves and excel at new things.  This will be my first experience with the Boston Marathon, though I prefer a finely groomed baseball diamond to 26.2 miles of pavement.

In fundraising, it is always important to have an event that supports your cause.  I would like to offer the opportunity for families to donate towards their child's sport of choice, say the soccer team, or the basketball team.  They could donate $1, $5, or $10 for each mile, with those funds allocated to the Salem Academy Soccer, or Basketball, or Baseball, etc.  Families could also make a general donation to the Salem Academy Athletic Department, so that the funds may be used where needed.  Another option would be to split the marathon in half and donate to one team at the beginning of the run and then another team for the end of the run.  It is important to remember that any and every donation goes a long way in helping out Salem Academy Charter School Athletics.

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