Salem Academy Charter School's Annual Fund 2012

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Salem Academy Charter School's Annual Fund 2012

Salem Academy Charter School's Annual Fund 2012

Salem Academy Charter School continues to build upon a foundation of excellence that was laid down when the school opened eight years ago. Recently, Governor Patrick commended the school for high growth on MCAS exams two years in a row, and the Washington Post named Salem Academy one of the best high schools in the state. 100% of graduates have been accepted at an impressive variety of colleges. The Board of Education voted recently to increase Salem Academy’s enrollment by 20%, and the Salem Academy Board of Trustees has formed a committee to pursue expanded facilities for the school. Salem Academy Charter School is making a difference for the young people in its care.

The costs associated with continuing on this path cannot be covered by state funding. We need to remember that Salem Academy is tuition free. Basic operating expenses are funded by tuition income provided by the state. The funding formula falls short, however, by exclusion of many expenses. Rent, furniture, equipment, and certain needs unique to the special education, English Language Learner, and athletic programs generally are not covered. For example, Salem Academy spends more than $18,000 a year just on bus rentals for athletic teams. In addition, Salem Academy recognizes the importance of vibrant and exciting programs in the arts and other activities.

Salem Academy’s enrichment programs are funded by philanthropic support. The Annual Fund provides funds for art, music, dance, drama, athletics, field trips, plays, concerts, college visits, guest speakers, social events, and celebrations – the kinds of programs and events that keep students excited about school, create memories, and build traditions. These are the programs that typically are cut in traditional public schools during tough economic times.

Our Annual Fund goal for this year again is $12,000. A gift of $50 from each of our 250 parents would put us over our goal, but we know that some will be able to give less, and some will be able to give more. Please consider a leadership gift, if that is within your means, and then give as generously as you are able. We depend on your generosity and can promise that every gift, large or small, will make a difference.



W. Stevenson Palmer, Chair
Salem Foundation for Service Education

Emily Maniscalco, Chair
Salem Academy Development Committee


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