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Please Support Citizen Schools!

Dear Friends, 

At Citizen Schools, This past semester, I saw firsthand how students like Haleem (in the picture) got a chance to shine. Many of the students I work with face unbelievable obstacles in their lives in their homes, communities, and even schools. Through Citizen Schools, students get access to the important skills and mentors who will support their success in middle school, high school, college, and their future careers.

I spent most of my time supporting the apprenticeships (the most exciting part of Citizen Schools), where we bring in professionals and community members to teach what they know and love- whether it be Indian Dance, Robotics, or Theater. In grand entrance Haleem is making on stage, he is taking on the role of Felix, the famous football player, who thinks he makes merely 1 million a year and is unbelievable cool, yet humble at age 23. At the WOW! showcase (the presentation of everything students learned throughout the semester), Haleem was first on stage and despite his sudden stage fright, was first to make the audience laugh. Please help more students like him develop the skills necessary to succeed as a professional and lifelong learner.  

While students were not always interested and engaged in school, they always summoned a special energy when it comes to apprenticeships. When I write curriculum for apprenticeships, it's never the same as a normal lesson- it's a chance to do, apply, and create something that's real and meaningful. These are the types of programs that we need to grant every student everywhere. 

It's an ongoing challenge, so I thank you for your support in making these programs happen. Please spread the word and consider volunteering to share what you know and bring learning to life for our students.  

Help the students in Newark by taking part in the goal of raising $30,000 by March 31st. All donations will be matched by a generous donor!You can now make double the difference!

Contribute as little as $10 and as much as __ to a valuable cause. 

Thank you for your support!

Sally Wu

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