Sam Lehrbaum's Fundraising Page


EarthWalk 2010

Kansas City, Missouri
Training buddies Linda Lehrbaum, Dylan Lehrbaum

Sam Lehrbaum's Fundraising Page

You all are so wonderful... Sam has already exceeded her goal! So I've promised her that for every $25 over her goal she goes, she'll get an extra treat and belly rub. Of course, she only heard "bwabwabwa", but she's really excited anyway!  Thank you from Sam and her KCWL Team!

Sam Lehrbaum, Official WildDog of the WildLands, is walking for Kansas City WildLands! (Ok. She's dragging Linda and Dylan along, too. Something silly about a leash law...)

Please donate towards this enthusiastic 5.5 month old Saint Bernard/Border Collie's three  miles of pawing it, or just come out and walk with her and the KC WildLands Team! You can learn more about Kansas City WildLands, an affiliate of BridgingThe Gap, at

All proceeds beneifit KC WildLands directly. That will make Sam's companions, the KC WildLands program and a LOT of WildLanders happy. That will mean more honeysuckle death. And more wildflowers. And healthier wild places. And more dog biscuits. Biscuits AND healthy lands AND a good walk. Does life get any better? Well... maybe a belly scratch...

Do know that if it gets too hot, Sam may bail (she IS just a babe!). But her leash holders, Linda and Dylan, will keep walking on her behalf.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate, too! It may mean more biscuits...

Happy trails!

Linda and Dylan and Sam



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Sam Lehrbaum's Fundraising Page
Sam, the WildDog!