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Ms. S's Page

Welcome to my page!

As you may already know, I am a Citizen Schools Teaching Fellow at Campbell Middle School, Campbell, CA. In case you're wondering what Citizen Schools is, we are a non-profit organization that partners with local middle schools in the Bay Area to provide an extended-learning day program. We provide academic support through homework and grade guidance, math lessons and college prep lessons. We also help students see the relevancy of their learning through apprenticeships, where they are exposed to multiple career paths such as journalism, robotics, video game making and much more!

This teaching fellowship has been such a wonderful experience for me. I truely feel as though I've made a difference in my students' lives, espeically in sharing my own story with them. Through the college prep lessons, I've shared my struggles and accomplishments and now my students are talking about how they wish to attend an undergraduate univeristy and perhaps continue to graduate school!

Our students need this kind of support through our program and other caring adults in their lives. Join our movement to improve public education and the lives of our future leaders, become a volunteer Citizen Teacher to donate your time or please donate what you can so we can keep providing a high quality program for them! Your donations will help ensure that not only we provide the smaller necessary school supplies for our students, but that our programs have the means to share even more resources with our students. And now, just for my campus a generous local organization in the Santa Clara county is MATCHING our funding efforts up to $5,000!!! Please help us utlize this amazing opportunity!

I'm looking to raise $600.00 for my campus and that can only be made possible by your support. And again if you are unable to donate monetarily to our program, come share an hour a day once a week with our students and see the great potential we are working with. Through all of our support, their great potential could turn into a reality in their futures.

Thank you!


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