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49 Writers 2012 Write-a-thon

Anchorage, Alaska

Sandra Kleven's Page

Beginning about four years ago, when 49 Writers was established, it seems to me that something remarkable began to happen in Alaska. Linkage between and among Alaska writers was the first felt change but it was more than that. As writers self-identified and as I began to know them through their work, my horizons expanded, exponentially. I grew greatly respectful, humbled, delighted and honored to stand among this group of wonderful writers. Before 49 Writers, I could name a handful of Alaska Writers... I simply didn't know the rest of this large, fascinating and accomplished group. Not five, not ten -- there are hundreds.

Other elements of what I am calling Alaska Lit World developed along the same timeline - the UAA "low residency" Creative Writing Program, Cirque Literary Journal, and F Magazine - just to name three. 49 Writers role, as organizer, center, and source, is essential. So, please help me to support this fine organization with your donations.

I worked with the fun committee that came up with the Write-A-Thon as a fundraiser three years ago- meeting at Snow Goose, wracking our brains, drinking some beer - me, anyway. This year my Write-A-Thon goal is to compose the title poem for my first collection of poems (Defiance Street VPD Publishing House). I'll spend the first hour writing phrases I hear in the room. As I work on the poem, I'll follow the impulses that arise from these lines (or I will abandon them entirely).

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