Sarah's Amazin' Dream Catchers Team


2011 Polar Plunge Decatur

Decatur, Illinois
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Sarah's Amazin' Dream Catchers Team

Hi Everyone.  Wanted to let you know that I met my goal and so far have raised over $2700 and money is still coming in.  I thank you so much for all that you've done to help me and all the athletes of Special Olympics Illinois.  This picture shows my team taking the plunge - dad's in the red & white shorts with his usual baseball hat!  And you know what...he's going to go in again for all of us.  He's going to plunge in Lincoln too.  It was really cold out and snowflakes were falling.  Me and many of my team mates handed out towels to 400+ plungers that came out on this really cold day.  Everyone in this picture are a part of our Dream Catchers team.  Even the "conductor" in the front of this train!!  We raised over $7000.  This is just awesome.

Thanks again so very, very, very much.  You know we couldn't do this without all your help.  You are a big part of this family that plunged.  You made a difference in alot of people's lives yesterday.  But you always do!

Love 'ya all


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Sarah's Amazin' Dream Catchers Team
Dream Team Did It Again - Raised $7000+