Team Angiosarcoma's Fundraising Page


12th Annual Walk to Cure Cancer

Worcester, Massachusetts
Training buddies The Mortimer family, the Stern family, the Painter family, Liusong Yin, Omar Dominguez, Peter Trenh, Kerstin Zimmerman & Karin Green

Team Angiosarcoma's Fundraising Page

We have formed Team Angiosarcoma to support our awesome UMass Medical school co-worker who is currently battling the disease, along with her wonderful family and friends and our other loved ones that cancer has touched. Corrie shines in so many people's lives as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, etc. To us, she is a friend who is always ready to joke around for a laugh, to help when needed and a vibrant young scientist with no shortage of ideas and motivation. She has been plugging away on her research studying proteins that are integral to the immune system to improve our understanding of how the body defends against pathogens and disease. Being scientists, we know firsthand the power of research into the mechanisms of cancer in order to lead to better treatments.

Help us kick cancer's butt!

Please join us on Sunday, September 26,2010 for the 12th Annual Walk to Cure Cancer. The five mile walk-a-thon raises funds to benefit cancer research, equipment, facilities and world-renowned medical professionals at the UMass Memorial Cancer Center of Excellence. Now in its 12th year, over 50,000 walkers have joined the Walk to Cure Cancer and raised over $6 million.

Please make a donation or join us to walk in honor of those who have been impacted by this disease, and help support the research that will prevent others from being affected. For more information visit

We can make a difference…together!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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