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Did you know...

In America today...
...Only 1 in 2 children of color graduate high school?
...Of those who make it to college, only 28% of African American students graduate with a degree…only 16% of Latino students do?
...This, at a time when high school drop outs are 4x more likely to be unemployed and close to 50% more likely to be incarcerated?

Citizen Schools partners with middle schools to expand the learning day for low-income children across the country. We mobilize a second shift of afternoon educators, who provide academic support, leadership development, and "apprenticeships"--hands-on projects taught by volunteers from business and civic organizations. At Citizen Schools, students develop the skills they need to succeed in high school, college, the workforce, and civic life. Join us in our mission to educate children, strengthen communities, and increase access to the American Dream.

Five years ago, I joined Citizen Schools as a budding educator who wanted to help students build their skills and confidence. Those few years later, I realize that I have not only done that for other kids, but felt those same rewards myself.

In late September of 2007, I walked into an 8th grade homeroom with 14 students who promptly told me that they didn't want to stay afterschool and weren't interested in learning about college. After an interesting year of learning what "the Superman" was, how one makes milk come out of someone's nose, teaching my first of many theatre apprenticeships, (the start of sharing my love of Shakespeare with middle-schoolers!) lots of teaching and life lessons, my students and I held our first "8GA!" graduation.

Five years later, I'm still in contact with many of my former students. Thirteen out of those original fourteen are on track to graduate from high school in a few months and 6 of them have been accepted to college so far. I couldn't be prouder. I've learned so much about my community, the world of education, and myself through this process and really feel like like Citizen Schools has made a difference in our students' lives. I hope you'll consider making a donation or getting involved with Citizen Schools! 


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