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2012 Walk For Hope Family Fun Day

Lafayette, Louisiana

Sarah's Rock for Hope Donation Page

From Jim Nobles' Facebook Page:

Cadence Olivia Nobles is a wonderful 8 year old girl with Moderate Autism. Although she has a wide vocabulary,Cadence speaks in 3-4 word utterances. She can identify all the letters of the alphabet,but cannot read or write. Unlike most persons with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, she is very affectionate and social. Cadence attends the Autism Class at Green T Lindon Elementary.

Rock for Hope is a tribute to Cadence and all people who live as , or love a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Independent musicians from all over the Acadiana area come together in attempt to raise money for the Autism Society of Acadiana. Both as team members for the 2012 ASAC Walk for Hope and as performers on the Rock for Hope 2012 line up.

Last year's the team Oh Oh Knights for Cadence,now known as Team Rock for Hope, raised near $1,800 and had 50 members. This year we would like to raise $2,000 and pull together 100 people. If you can't attend as a team member.Then please sponsor one of our members or just simply donate. Do it for Cadence. Do it for Autism. Do it for Hope.


From me, Sarah Prejean aka thepandamother: 


Cadence Nobles is the sweetest new friend I've made in quite some time. She is a beautiful little girl who has stolen my heart and affection and even if you cannot attend the Acadiana Walk for Hope please acknowledge the worthiness of this cause with your donation which will benefit the Autism Society of Acadiana, whose mission is to "Improve the lives of all affected by autism." I'm setting a personal goal to raise 500 dollars for this cause through my donation and the donations of my friends who see how important this is to me and important for Cadence and all others who are being aided by ASAC. Please, don't think you can give too little. Every dollar counts, and your donation is greatly appreciated.



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