Scott's going over the edge!


Over the Edge

Seattle, Washington

Scott's going over the edge!

OK, this is even crazier than the polar bear plunge.

Which makes it even better. 


On August 14, 2010 -- AND THIS HAS NOW BEEN CONFIRMED BY THE EVENT ORGANIZERS!  -- I will be conquering my life-long fear of heights, climbing over the edge of the Rainier Bank Tower in downtown Seattle, and rappelling down to the street.    I have requested a start time of 9:25 a.m. +/- 20 minutes --- so my Tri Cities friends who decide to come over can watch me come down the building and still have a full day to play in Seattle! 

The money I raise will go to support the Washington Special Olympics.  So just because I'm approaching my goal, be confident that your donations are still important, and still very necessary! 

And yes, they'll allow me to take a camera.  So pictures from the climb down can be expected.

In case you're wondering:  I have NEVER done anything like this in my life.  Never rock climbed, mountain climbed, base jumped, or anything else even remotely "extreme."

Mid life crisis?  Oh gosh, I hope not!  

Just figure that if I can give the figurative middle finger to my fears, and raise money for a good cause at the same time -- what could go wrong???

Thanks in advance for your donation.    Drop me a line via e-mail or Facebook if you'd like to be kept in the loop on the lead-up to this event!

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Scott's going over the edge!
This is the building I'll be rappelling!