Help Get Progressive Views on More Radio Stations!

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Help Get Progressive Views on More Radio Stations!

Help Get Progressive Views on More Radio Stations!


Thank you for visiting Between the Lines' fundraising page, where you can make an online, tax-deductible contribution. Here, you can also learn how your donation helps us reach more listeners, and get more details on premiums we're offering, such as Michael T. Klare's "Blood and Oil DVD" (film trailer below left) or David Korten's "Agenda for New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth" for your donation of $50 or more.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support  Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine/Squeaky Wheel Productions and our tax-exempt fiscal sponsor, The International Center for Global Communications, Inc. (dba "The Global Center"). Visit Between The Lines' home page at for more information.

About Between The Lines' Spring 2009 Campaign:

Wouldn't you like to hear more progressive views on more radio stations air?

Despite  voters' overwhelming rejection of the policies of  the GOP agenda, America's corporate media  -- where 91% of weekday talk radio is conservative -- have gone into overdrive to declare the U.S. a "center-right nation."

TV, radio, newspapers and magazines all seem to be reading off the same talking points crafted by conservative and corporate thinktanks to convince the American people that the change they voted for with Barack Obama, is really the same old neo-con, freemarket policies of Ronald Reagan, and the Bush father-and-son dynasty.

Since 1991, Between The Lines Weekly Radio Newsmagazine has been giving voice to critics of U.S. political status quo, both Republican and Democrat. And, since George Bush was installed in 2000, we've provided a platform for informed dissent on the war in Iraq, torture, warrantless wiretapping and broken treaties long before the mainstream media caught on to what later became the majority view in the U.S.

Between The Lines needs your support to get the progressive voices we feature each week on the program to more radio stations. Just 9% of talk radio is progressive. With your help we'll reach out to radio audiences in cities and towns where progressive perspectives on political, economic and social issues are rarely heard. We're offering thank you premiums to donors of $50 or more (see below).

Here's how your gift will help us:

$25 helps us make 25 followup calls to noncommercial radio stations to let them know BTL is available for free distribution. (Wish list: We'd like to make calls to 550 radio stations.)

$100 will help us buy database software to track our radio stations (We would like to add 45 more radio stations to our database)

$170 covers postage for 400 promo kits

$200 covers supplies/copying expenses for 400 promo kits

$500 will cover the cost of 1000 Between The Lines brochures

(Wish List: $4,000 would allow a part-time outreach/marketing coordinator to work on a direct marketing campaign intensively for 8 weeks, including radio station outreach tracking, new station support, online social networks setup/maintenance, as well as cosmetic website upgrade. 12/15/08 -- We've raised $1,500 so far ... for a cosmetic website upgrade as our first phase, which we are beginning to work on. Thank you, Bob Nixon!)

(Wish list: $5,000 for  implementation phases of website upgrade featuring more content, interactivity/social networking! We've raised inkind system analysis and design help to minimize our overall implementation costs.)

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate, or help us raise funds for this important project!

Wishing you a world of peace,

Scott Harris and The Between The Lines Crew
(203) 268-8446 or

P.S. For donations of $50 or more, we are offering one of these premiums below. When you donate online, let us know which gift you prefer through "Comments" (make sure we have your correct email address) and/or email us directly at or with your shipping address.

1)  David Korten's book, "Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth" (2009)
David Korten writes that pouring trillions of dollars into bailouts for Wall Street institutions that created this economic mess do nothing to deal with the reality of a failed economic system. He warns the financial collapse now in the public spotlight may only be the tip of the iceberg: the system's social and environmental failures may ultimately be even more destructive. Korten argues that our hope lies not with Wall Street -- with its speculative trading, asset bubbles, debt pyramids and predatory lending-- but with Main Street. He says Wall Street's seeming success is an economic mirage that produces no real products or services; Main Street creates the real wealth: products, services to advance community and common good, sustainability and a democracy of persons, not of dollars. He offers an alternative model and organizations to connect with:

(If you are interested in the earlier offering "Green Collar Economy" by Van Jones, that is still available, too.)

2) Michael T. Klare's Media Education Foundation DVD, "Blood and Oil" (2008) View the film trailer on this page, left column. Klare, one of the world's most renowned experts on energy and security issues,  highlights forgotten passages in prominent presidential doctrines to show how oil concerns have been at the core of American foreign policy for over 60 years -- rendering our contemporary energy and military policies virtually uindistinguishable.

Thank you again.


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Help Get Progressive Views on More Radio Stations!
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