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WFCA 2009

Scott Liegel's Fundraising Page

Hello Family and Friends,

I have been selected to play on the WFCA All-Star Charity Football Team for the South.  To be a part of this team is truly an honor and a great milestone to all of the hard work I have put in.  As a senior this year, I had the privelege to get honorable-mention all-state honors as a defensive back.  To be able to play in this game, for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, is something I feel priveleged and grateful for.  This game is not about me or the rest of the players in the game.  It is about making a difference.  It is about changing someone's life.  It is about putting a smile on someone's face that I have never even seen before.  This game is about giving back to everyone less fortunate who needs it.  What a humbling feeling it is to have that opportunity.  Please help me and the rest of my teammates on our quest to help the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to make a difference in the lives of so many children and people throughout this great state!

Thank you for your support!


If you would prefer to pay by check please make checks payable to:                              Wisconsin Football Coaches Association and return to me.  Thank you!

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Scott Liegel's Fundraising Page
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