Sean Bowers Peacemaker Institute EVENT Training Fund


Sean Bowers Peacemaker Institute EVENT Training Fund

In memory of Alexandria

Sean Bowers Peacemaker Institute EVENT Training Fund

This fundraising effort is in memory of my friend, Alexandria "Tomorrow" Ison. 

When Tomorrow first came to the streets of Portland, Oregon, she had nowhere to go.  One night she arrived at my camp underneath the offramp of the Ross Island Bridge.  She was so young, and it was very cold.  We didn't have room.  But I had a pair of 18" bolt cutters.  So I told her to stay there and I went and busted open a gated off section under a bridge not far from where we were.  I checked in on her as often as a strung out street punk could.  When i got an apartment, i would go out and look for her to bring her out of the cold.  June 2nd, 1999, Tomorrow was found murdered. She was lost in a cold world, as we all were and as most of us still are.

But this is not just for Alex.  It is for Damien and Ashes.  It is for all the kids that have lost their way, some have passed away, and some are still wandering the world, looking for help.  And that is the very reason for this effort to raise money.  

4 years ago I got sober.  I have found the world, as a sober individual, a very rough place to adapt to.  My past criminal background, as well as still falling victim to old patterns of behavior, brought on by extremely unskillful conditioning, normally meet closed doors before I am able to even try. 

3 years ago, I discovered Buddhist meditation, which has transformed my life completely.  Being a sober Buddhist practitioner, as well as being a devout punk rocker, steeped from an early age in social reform, liberation and (r)evolution, I have decided that I want to bring all three of these aspects of my life together to dedicate my life to a life of service.  I have had the honor of starting a meditation group in Boston, helping with another similar meditation group, now in Portland.  I also had the privilege of volunteering at the Zen Peacemakers Symposium for Western Socially Engaged Buddhism, which is where I became familiar with the Peacemakers Institute from a Zen teacher, Fleet Maull.  He is actually the one who suggested this medium for fundraising. 

My vision, is to get training, so that I may be expediant and skillful community activist, especially in regards to at-risk, drug addicted, homeless youth.  I want to help the future generation of lost kids, like "Tomorrow", and to bring comfort and ease to those still suffering, in any regard. I have a big dream of eventually opening a youth center, but that is a ways down the line.  Peacemakers Institute offers a training that would help me to be of maximum service to the community.  This next excerpt is actually taken directly from their website:

"Building on a rich tradition of spiritually grounded peace and social change work, and extensive experience in cutting-edge leadership training, the Peacemaker Institute offers an intensive Peacemaker Certification Program and a year-round schedule of other trainings, workshops and retreats for professionals and volunteers from around the world seeking to create a more peaceful world. Our participants and graduates are engaged in a wide array of community development, social change, and peacemaking activities, including conflict resolution, homeless advocacy, restorative justice, prison ministry, juvenile justice and at-risk youth programs, AIDS relief, social entrepreneurship, and human rights and peace work."

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