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Bowling For Boobies- Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

The Horror Starlets

This writer (Sean Decker of is asking the horror community as we approach October – our month of months – to unite for a good cause: to support local Los Angeles women battling breast cancer by giving a small donation, and to support the horror actresses who are supporting them.

For the last couple of years I've been involved directly with Bowling for Boobies (a non-profit fundraiser which provides monetary assistance to L.A. women who are experiencing financial challenges as the result of fighting and living with breast cancer). It's been a vastly rewarding experience, as the money BFB generates goes directly to someone struggling with this deadly disease (and not some ambiguous research society).
This year, we're at it again, with the 6th Annual Bowling for Boobies, which culminates on October 24th in Los Angeles at Jillian’s Hi-Life at Universal City Walk with a red carpet, followed by an evening of bowling. The Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin will be on hand to knock down some pins with ‘The Horror Starlets’ bowling team, which is comprised this year of myself and actress Sarah Butler, star of the October 8th Anchor Bay Entertainment unrated theatrical release I Spit On Your Grave, Ashlynn (of the award-winning The Human Centipede) Yennie, scream queen Bianca (Albino Farm and the upcoming Chainsaw Sally Saves Christmas From the Lesbian Vampire Nazis) Barnett, producers and actresses Tracy (Dark Woods, Zombie Honeymoon) Coogan, Brooke (iMurders, Slime City Massacre) Lewis, Wicked Lake and Lucky McKee’s upcoming The Woman’s Carlee Baker and Gabby West, winner of the VH1 reality series Scream Queens 2.  Micheline Pitt - horror nerd, artist and pinup model for Pinup Girl, rounds out the team.
So, how can you help? A modest (and tax-deductible donation) would be most appreciated.
Please help us reach our goal of $8,000 – even a donation as small as $20.00 will help!
For more info, you can visit Bowling for Boobies at
- Sean Decker,
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