Cambridge Community Television (CCTV)


Cambridge Community Television (CCTV)

Cambridge Community Television (CCTV)

Dear friends and family,

I work for Cambridge Community Television in Cambridge, MA.  Over two years ago we set out to find a new home for the programs and services we provide that help local residents engage in local issues through media and technology.  We've finally started construction on a brand new facility in Central Square.

This move will be expensive!  We've already raised 1.7 million dollars towards the goal, but we need to raise another $570,000.  This page is my personal effort in this campaign.  I intend to raise $5700, that's 1% of CCTV's goal, by Sep 1, 2011.

If you donate to my find raising campaign, I will personally barbeque your burger, chicken, steak, veggie, or whatever, at a special summer BBQ for all my contributors.  I'll whip up a batch of special homemade donor ale to go with it.  You will get your invitation to this special event after your contribution, it will be my chance to personally thank you for your generosity.

I got involved in public access television just over ten years ago when I joined CCTV as a production coordinator.  I've worked with hundreds of community television producers since then.  They are creative, lively and care deeply about the important issues in their neighborhoods.  I'm sure you've heard my stories about them. 

This new facility will double our capacity.  We'll doublethe number of live television studios, and double the capacity for people to engage with the Cambridge audience.  We'll double our computer lab space that provides computer and internet access for people who cannot afford it in their own homes.  We'll open up new classrooms, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces - become a major incubator for local ideas and discourse.  It's a really big deal.

CCTV serves people in ways that other mass media outlets can't.  No one can walk into a network news outlet and discuss what is happening in their neighborhoods - not without profession experience and a hefty budget already in line.  CCTV is an outlet for a city that needs one, and a voice for people in our community that don't have one.

Help me do my part of the fundraising.  Help me meet and break my goal for covering the costs of CCTV's relocation with a contribution of your own.  Thanks in advance and see you around soon!


PS.  Don't miss the sweet promo for CCTV from 1988!

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