Seth Walker's Veg-A-Thon


Seth Walker's Veg-A-Thon

Seth Walker's Veg-A-Thon

***Update 7/6*** I have extended the deadline through the weekend so maybe I will get a bit closer to my goal.  Veg-a-thon starts Monday


**Update** When better to start this than the day after the biggest BBQ day of the year??  July 5th I will start my veg-a-thon.  Help me get to a week!

I love meat, I really do. I know that the majority of meat that I eat is raised in an unethical manner that takes a high toll on the environment. I have tried to adress this by paying a premium for ethically raised and local meats, but to this day I haven't refused anything that wasn't up to these standards.

I do know that the pleasure I have taken indulging in baby back ribs, a well aged steak or thinly sliced procsiutto has come at an environmental cost. As such, I would like to repay some of that cost by raising money with a Veg-A-Thon.

For every $100 that I raise for the nature conervancy, I will not eat meat for 1 day. (mind you, I ususally eat approxmiately 2.5 meals containing meat per day, this will not be easy!)

My goal is to raise $683.29 and to go vegetarian for one week!  I came up with this number because it was the cost of preserving 1 acre when the Nature Conservancy purchased 161,000 acres of the Finch forestland in the Adirondacks for $110 million in 2007.

Help me preserve one acre of wildnerness by challenging myself to give up meat for a week!

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