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Shalyn Linklater's Fresh Water Funds

Please take the time to read. We are raising funds to tackle poverty by providing clean water, health care, food, and education.

In North America, we have little thought of clean water - we all have access to clean tap water but still choose to buy bottled..imagine if we had neither option for us or our kids. Please support this cause by sponsorship and donation. You can donate in someones name - for a gift be it birthday or anniversary...or just because..For Christmas this year - instead of giving gifts - we sponsored a Mom and her 11 kids (8 were orphaned - so she took them in despite not having money) to have Christmas..with food, clothes and amazing!

You can support my efforts through Team World Vision:

Click on the SPONSOR ME NOW button to make a one time donation.


Click on the SPONSOR A CHILD button below to change the life of a child for $35 per month, and be changed through your relationship with that child.We sponsor a boy Uriah through Provision of Hope (our friend Karen Barkman runs this organization) and the bond between our family and Uriah is amazing...he has so much joy to have a family across the ocean and we have been so blessed by Uriah. 

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