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Chain Off 2010

National (Alachua FL and Albuquerque NM), 

DDB Rep Shannon Allen's Fundraising Page


Saving dogs is a labor of love - for those who dedicate their lives to this cause - it is a calling - even an obsession. As a result, common sense is thrown out the window when a choice needs to be made as to whether to pay the mortgage or pay for heartworm treatment for one dog:) This lack of reason is a common pattern of rescuers losing everything in the name of saving dogs.


For more information on our work in the New River Valley, Va please visit http://dogsdeservebetternrv.org.

Your donations DO save lives! They fund community education and action programs, provide housetraining tips and tools for dogs so that they may live in the home, and fences so that they may safely go outside safely; they enable us to rescue and foster chained dogs that are given up by the caretaker and find a loving new INSIDE home for them. We spay/neuter all rescues, as well as deworm and immunize. Our mission is bring all 6,000,000 chained and penned dogs in America into the home and family. You can help make this dream a reality!

The goals of Dogs Deserve Better comprise the following six principals: advocate and become a voice for dogs living chained or penned outside; educate society to evolve a higher ethical and moral standard for the treatment of dogs living under these conditions; meet with caretakers of dogs chained outside to advocate on behalf of the dogs and discuss other options available to them; fence yards to improve the quality of life for these dogs; provide low-cost or no-cost house training for dogs whose caretakers wish to bring them into the home; temporarily foster and find new homes for dogs whose caretakers wish them to have a better life but are unwilling or unable to provide that for them.

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DDB Rep Shannon Allen's Fundraising Page
Hokie, rescued from 8 years on a chain.