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Cowboy the Aussie Fundraising Page

Cowboy the Aussie Fundraising Page

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I rescued an Australian shepherd on 3/16/09. We got a call to our business line asking for help.  One of my volunteers sent me an email and since the call came from the town I live in, I thought I'd go take a look.  I headed out to Anasazi Animal Clinic in Camp Verde, AZ.  I found a beautiful, sweet Australian Shepherd in pain and in need of help.  Cowboy's owner took him to the vet but couldn't afford to fix him so he turned him over to them. He gave various stories about what happened to the boy but bottom line was Cowboy had a badly broken right front leg.  The vet didn't want to have to euthanize him so they called us for help.  We normally only rescue Australian Cattle Dogs, but Cowboy stole my heart in the 45 minutes I spent with him.

The vet decided to do xrays to see how bad it was.  His leg is badly broken.  Both the ulna and radius are broken and there are small bone fragments. See photos of his xrays. He needs surgery so I called my foster home coordinator and director and asked her if we could help him. She agreed to dispatch her husband to pick him up the next day.  Jim and Eric, two wonderful volunteers of New Hope Cattle Dogs, drove up from Phoenix  to get him and transport him to Animal Medical & Surgical Center in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Pullen saw him and looked at his xrays.  He decided he needed surgery ASAP.  He will plate and fully repair his leg for $3,134.70.  His schedule was full that day so surgery is scheduled for 3/18/09. 

They will fix him up and then he will need a new foster home and/or adoptive home. He is about 2 years and very, very sweet. Supposedly good with kids, cats and other dogs. He has been neglected and will need TLC. He will also need foster care after surgery so if you can help in that way, please email

Please help us offset some of the costs of veterinarian care and post operative care.  We are asking for an additional $400 to help with physical therapy and after care veterinarian bills as well.  Please cross post this page, far and wide! I couldn't let them euthanize this gorgeous sweet boy.

UPDATES: 3/18/09 @ 7:46 am- Vet's office just called me.  Cowboy is doing well and had a good night.  They have him pretty well doped up.
The nurses and Dr. Pullen was talking this morning and before they do his surgery they are going to give him a good bath and brushing because he won't be able to have it done after surgery for awhile and he is pretty dirty. She said we are looking at hearing back from her around 1:00 this afternoon that he is going into surgery.  Dr. Pullen has a meeting with other Vets this morning.  So that will give them plenty of time to clean him up good.  She doesn't want us to worry about him because they are taking really good care of him and he is a sweetheart and have won their hearts too.

3/18/09 @ 4:29 pm: Vet's office just called and Cowboy is out of surgery!! He is doing well in ICU.  They have him in a warming kennel right now. They put a plate in and pinned it and he is in a cast. I haven't had a chance to talk to anyone else about after care yet. They won't know when he can be moved to a foster home until tomorrow though. They will evaluate him and see how he is doing at that time and let me know then.

3/18/09 @ 5:24 pm: I just spoke to Dr. Pullen.  He is very pleased with the surgery and said Cowboy did great and everything will heal wonderfully with no problems. Cowboy should be crated for 4-6 weeks with leash walks outside to go to the bathroom. Seven days from now he wants to redo the cast.  They may redo it 2-3 times.  After 4 weeks they want to re-xray him to see how he is healing and then they will decide if he needs to be recasted or not. He put in a 9 hole plate and a very small pin in one area. They did a full body scan on him just in case since there was a possibility that he was hit by a car. They found a very small fracture on the other leg that will heel on its own.  They are going to send him home with it wrapped though to start with so he will be putting most of his weight on that side and they want to stregthen it.  He thinks he can be released on Friday afternoon or evening.

3/19/09 @ 8:48 am: Vet's office just called and Cowboy had a good night and is doing well this morning.  Mostly resting. Dr. Pullen says he can go home tomorrow for sure. They will schedule that appointment with us tomorrow because they are going to want him to stay on fluids all day before sending him home.

3/20/09 @ 7:00 PM: Picked Cowboy up at the vets office.  Poor guy has a pressure bandage on his left leg because they found a small fracture on his ulna when they did a body scan and a hard cast on his right leg.  He has a hard time walking and is still pretty dopey. was very nice and very thorough.  Taking him over to my mom's house to spend the night before he goes to his temporary foster to get him for the first part of his recovery.

3/20/09 @ 8:30 pm:  My mom is in love with this boy.  He took right to her and her pack and she wants to adopt him.  She will foster him after his first follow up visit when Renee goes on vacation.

3/21/09 @ 6:30 pm:  We all headed over to Renee's house with Cowboy in tow.  THANK YOU RENEE FOR FOSTERING COWBOY FOR 2 WEEKS!  My mom was sad to see him go and in less than 24 hours became very attached to him.  She will foster him on April 8th when Renee goes on vacation and then adopt him after we make sure he gets along and will be a fit in their home.  She wants to call him Dakota.

4/29/09: Well here we are a month gone by.  He is still in one cast on his right leg.  The pressure bandage that was on his left leg in one of the photos has since been removed.  He has been going to the vet every two weeks for cast changes and xrays.  My mom, Debi Stevens, and grandma, Frances Mann, have been fostering him and have fallen head over heels for him.  I'm pretty sure they will be adopting him.  They have since named him Dakota, which he answers to and likes.  He is still on crate rest much of the time because after all he is a 2 year old Aussie and he wants to be more active than he should be with a broken leg.  My mom is looking forward to him healing so she can work on obedience with him, or should I say, I can work on obedience with him and her.  :)  I want to shout out a THANK YOU to Animal Medical Center in Scottsdale, AZ, more specifically Dr. Pullen and his staff.  They have been absolutely wonderful and have taken such good care of Dakota and us through this whole process.  THANK YOU EVERYONE who have helped us with this very special boy!





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