Sharon & Cleo's Fundraising Page


Sharon & Cleo's Fundraising Page

Celebrating the anniversary of life with Cleo

Sharon & Cleo's Fundraising Page

Eight years ago we adopted our dog Cleo. She has shown me the best kind of love and affection, she’s been my best friend. Now as an older dog, she is teaching me compassion for my aging parents, and to all facing physical and social challenges.

I've felt the power of the human-animal bond with my dog. Out of gratitude for the many wonderful experiences Cleo and I have had together, I'm raising money for Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS).

Imagine how difficult life would be if you were elderly or living with a disabling illness ... struggling to make ends meet ... alone ... without the support of family and friends.

That is what it is like for the vulnerable individuals served by PAWS.

Often a companion animal provides the only love, affection and support our clients receive. Our support can ensure that at-risk and vulnerable individuals experience love unconditionally and are not separated from their animal companions just when they need them the most.

Will you join me in helping PAWS? Any size donation is welcome. Your support goes far!

•   $25 provides food and supplies for 1 cat for one month

•   $50 provides food and supplies for 1 dog for one month

•   $100 provides 6 months of veterinary care for a client’s companion animal

•   $200 provides 1 client’s companion animal with emergency vet services including surgery

PAWS receives no government funding, but relies on hundreds of volunteers, and is financially supported by donors, fundraisers, bequests and people like us.

Thanks to many of you I'm making progress on this fundraising goal. Any amount you can give goes directly to PAWS.

Thank you so much for helping me reach my fundraising goal. Cleo thanks you too! -Sharon

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