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Seattle Children's Hospital

Run of Hope Seattle 2014

Seattle, Washington

Sharon Loch's Page

Sammy was diagnosed with High Risk Medulloblastoma, a form of Pediatric Brain Cancer in October 2009.  She finished cancer treatment in August 2010 and remains CANCER FREE!!!   Please help us to help the doctors and research scientists who saved her life.  Sammy's treatment was a part of a study protocol at Seattle Children's.  She was randomly selected to receive every drug that was a part of the study.  Five years later she remains cancer free.  Let's hope that this is the answer.  But there are so many forms of pediatric brain cancer to be studied.  So many other children to be saved.

Please help us help the next child diagnosed with Pediatric Brain Cancer by giving to the Run of Hope Seattle !

Thank you so very much for your support. 

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