Shawn Mullen's Sixth PMC


Boston Bruins Foundation 2014 PMC Team

Training buddies Craig Taylor, Dave Holding, Dan Mearls, Jerry Manchester

Shawn Mullen's Sixth PMC

Hello everyone!  Please read this entire story.

This year I embark on my SIXTH PMC; FIFTH as a proud member of the Boston Bruins Foundation Team!

 Every year I am asked how long I will continue to ride the PMC and raise funds to fight cancer, and every year the answer is the same.  I will ride and raise funds for as long as it takes to beat cancer, or until I cannot ride any more!

My original inspirations, my father Bob, a cancer survivor, and Tina Vitale, who four years ago passed away from Breast Cancer; were the inspirations for my first big fundraising event, a Spinathon known as Shawn's Ride for Bob and Tina. This year, the 6th annual Spinathon took place on May 10, 2014 at the Salem Workout Club in Salem New Hampshire.  INCREDIBLY THE EVENT IS STILL AS POPULAR AS EVER AND IN TOTAL WE RAISED $31,365.00, $23,220.00 OF WHICH IS ON THIS PAGE, AND $8,145.00 WAS RAISED BY MY PMC TEAMMATES FOR THEIR OWN FUNDRAISING PAGES!!

Last year my team of cancer fighters raised over $37,000, so this year its simple, we increased the goal, and we COMMIT to reach it together.  There is still a lot of work to do hit the very big goal of $50,000.00.  I need any of you reading this post to be as generous as you can.

Thank you all so very much in advance for your continued support and generous dontations to this cause.

As always I have chosen to keep the amounts of your donations private because every donation, no matter how big or small is important.  Ten $10.00 contributions equals $100. Your comments and words of encouragement are as always displayed and are encouraged.


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