Shaynee's "Mushing for God's Children" Page

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Shaynee's "Mushing for God's Children" Page

Shaynee's "Mushing for God's Children" Page


I will be racing in the Midnight Run this coming weekend (February 20-21).  The run is a 91-mile, 8 dog race.  We run from Gwinn to Deerton (49 miles), have a 5 hour layover, and then race to the finish in Wemore, 42 miles away.  My team will consist of:  Denali, Feta, Tyne, Cheyanne, Toni, Tracker, Yukon, and Truman.  We are really excited about running...I love this race, it is a lot of fun!  Check out: for biographies of mushers, race updates, and info.

Become a:

Sprint Donor:  $49 dollars for the amount of miles we will race to the first checkpoint

Mid-distance Donor:  $91 dollars for the total amount of miles we will race this weekend

Distance Donor:  $698 dollars for the total amount of miles the dogs and I have traveled so far this year

I have been in the crazy sport of dogsledding for six years now.  Recently, God has been pushing me towards doing something for Him, helping others, through this gift He has given me.  Why keep running dogs if I can't do it for Him?!  Since I'm going to put all of my time and energy into these dogs, I need to reach out to others for Christ.  I contacted Samaritan's Purse to see if there was anything I could do to help raise money for their projects.  I was blessed with a quick response and learned of the project they have going in Hooper Bay, Alaska.  Samaritan's Purse rushed in to help the people of this town after a devastating fire in 2006.  They provided homes, supplies, and God's love to the residents.  I love the state of Alaska and thought how appropriate it would be to run for the natives of this beautiful land.  So now, through my training and racing I pray that others may donate money towards this project.  If God is urging you, please donate towards the natives of Alaska and check for updates on my race this weekend!

May God do amazing things with the gift He has so graciously given me-for He is a great Creator and King!

~For in Him we live and move and exist~  Acts 17:28


**Please remember to indicate the Alaska Project when you donate by putting in number 013870

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Shaynee's "Mushing for God's Children" Page
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