Shoot Down Cancer- IMG Basketball Academy


Shoot Down Cancer- IMG Basketball Academy

Shoot Down Cancer- IMG Basketball Academy

Thank you for visiting the official fundraising page for the Inaugural Shoot Down Cancer Free Throw Shootout hosted by the IMG Basketball Academy.  

The IMG Basketball Academy has long been committed to building strong young individuals through the game of basketball. While a majority of this development happens in the form of on-court instruction, many important developmental stages occur outside the gym. The IMG Basketball Academy Shoot Down Cancer Free Throw Shootout will help coaches, student/athletes, and families raise money and awareness for cancer research.

The sooner young people become aware of the severity and implications cancer has on all types of people, the sooner those individuals can understand the importance of fighting this terrible disease. As a society, it is vital that young people have the necessary resources to help them make healthy life choices. Through initiatives such as this free throw shootout, the IMG Basketball Academy strives to arm these young people with the knowledge and tools to make a difference in their own lives and in others.

Donations Instructions

1. Click on the Donate button at the top or bottom of this donation page.

2. Enter your relevent information in the select fields.

3. For those individuals donating $10 or more- if you would like to honor someone who has battled cancer, please put that person's name and the type of cancer that person battled in the comments box.  You may also indicate whether the individual has passed because of cancer, is currently fighting, or has overcome this disease.  A commemorative basketball will be displayed in the gym during the event to honor these individuals.

Any donations are greatly appreciated.  Sports has become an important and effective way of making changes in this world.  With your help, the IMG Basketball Academy can do its own part to make an impact.  With this event, 100% of the proceeds will benefit the  V Foundation for Cancer Research and the Dick Vitale Pediatric Research Grants.

The IMG Basketball Academy thanks you in advance for all your help and support. 

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