Sickle Cell Awareness


Sickle Cell Awareness

Sickle Cell Awareness


 Support the Miami Children's Hospital Sickle Cell Comprehensive Care Center  by helping us build the Sickle Cell Fund. Funds are used directly towards the development of our program. With past contributions, we have been able to create new programs that have provided educational and networking opportunites. We strive to offer comprehensive care that promotes community awareness and can provide support for sickle cell patients and their families who struggle with this chronic condition on a daily basis.

IMPORTANT: Should you decide to donate, please send your contributions to Miami Children's Hospital Foundation and designate them specifically to the Sickle Cell Fund.

What is Sickle Cell?  Sickle Cell Anemia is a chronic genetic condition that can have many complications for children/adults, such as pain crisis, anemia, fatigue, pneumonia’s, visual complications, stroke, and sometimes early death. Although not as visible as many other conditions, it still has a significant impact on patients and their families. 

Should you need any further information, please contact our Sickle Cell Comprehensive Care Center at 305-662-8360.


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